Bronze Sculpture

The bronze and pewter sculptures on this page are from my "Uniting of Self" series. Rather than describe them in my own words, I'll let Rosemary Jette tell you about them as she did in an article she wrote for The Transcript.

Zak with Confrontation "Zak Zaikine's sculptures strip away man's culture and sophistication and reveal instead his naked, primal roots. While the works are physically small, the impressions they leave are spacious indeed. The sheer beauty of many of the bronze pieces is enhanced by the wonderful patina employed by the artist. Zaikine developed his own hand-waxed finish and it highlights each piece with a warm, radiant glow.

The mystical and magical world composes Zaikine's "Uniting of Self" series. Each work in the series presents a fascinating study of evolution - birth and re-birth. The cosmic mother, or earth mother, can be seen as representing multi-generations or the stages of development of woman.

Zaikine seems possessed by the notion of woman's inner spirit. His works not only explore these hidden dark sides, but through his skill and perception, they are released from the shadows and brought into the light. Each work in the "Uniting of Self" series of patina bronzes examines the human struggle for identity.

The figurative sculptures are like a storyteller's words brought to life. "The Confrontation," a patina bronze sculpture, is an example of Zaikine's delightful ability to tell a tale. The sculpture explores man's early primal undeveloped self.

A threatening-appearing figure confronts a man and a woman who show their unity by holding hands. But is this entity really threatening? He approaches the man and woman with palms up - a supplicating gesture. Zak with It Took the Poetry ...

Perched between their shoulders is a small figure who appears to be comforting them, its facial features are distorted, warped, unidentifiable, but not, somehow, menacing. The little figure is really the spirit of positive goodness, revealing to the couple the nurturing and protective side of man.

"Release to Freedom" and "The Final Release" are his final resolution of the "Uniting of Self" series. Depicted in the first sculpture is a woman in bondage struggling against a golden rope. The fierce determination on her face and the tense effort of her struggle is molded expertly into the piece. The viewer can almost feel, sense her struggle.

"The Final Release" depicts the same woman, her face now confident, serene. She has broken her bonds and raises her arms confidently in victory, the ropes broken and still hanging. Moving pieces, they both project an intense power as well as an innate sensitivity."

All of my sculptures are available in bronze and in pewter, and all are signed and dated, usually on the bottom of the base.